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At the turn of the century, the Great Western Railroad, the only railroad that passed through Hardin Township, pushed its lines westward to a terminus in Council Bluffs. One of the first requirements of the new railroad was to determine several strategically located stops along it's line. These locations would serve multiple needs, such as watering stops and station points for passenger and freight traffic.As a result, the new town of McClelland sprang into existence. Located about ten miles northeast of Council Bluffs , it was an ideal spot for the old steam engines to take on water after their struggle with the steep grades between the two towns.
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HBI Community - City of McClelland
623 6th Ave.
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Home Base Iowa (HBI) communities offer valuable incentives for veterans who relocate to their community. Please contact Pottawattamie County Veteran Affairs Director, Darlene McMartin, for a complete list of current incentives.