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​Treynor, originally named Four Corners, is located in southwest Iowa, 12 miles east of Council Bluffs, Iowa on Highway 92. In 1893, a salesman by the name of Fritz Ehrig was visiting town and recommended that a post office be established. The salesman told the postmaster that if he approved the post office, they would name the town after him. Postmaster Treynor accepted the offer and a post office was established and the name of the town was changed to Treynor. Treynor's motto "Treynor takes pride in its people"; is demonstrated in all aspects of living, to include: academic, athletic, business, and recreation. Visit our friendly community!
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HBI Community - City of Treynor
623 6th Ave.
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Home Base Iowa (HBI) communities offer valuable incentives for veterans who relocate to their community. Please contact Pottawattamie County Veteran Affairs Director, Darlene McMartin, for a complete list of current incentives.