Sioux County

Date of HBI Establishment: October 2015
Website: Sioux County
Contact: Kathi Wetter / / 712-737-1775
Cities: Hawarden

An Introduction to Home Base Iowa Cities

Home Base Iowa communities provide additional resources and discounts for veterans who relocate to these communities. The incentives stand alone or complement those offered by the county and state. Communities have passed a city council resolution supporting the program, provide an incentive/welcome package, ensure 10 percent of eligible businesses are involved with Home Base Iowa and are able to purchase Home Base Iowa signage.


Home Base Iowa (HBI) communities offer valuable incentives for veterans who relocate to their community. Please contact the community point of contact or county veteran director for more information.

In Hawarden, incentives include:

Home Base Iowa Community Established: November 2018

Iowa National Guard Family Services

Warrior and Family Services Brand of the Iowa National Guard

The Warrior & Family Services Branch is a Joint Force initiative that provides assistance to all military families, regardless of branch or component, who find themselves beyond the support capability of active duty military facilities or their home units. The Warrior & Family Services Branch acts as a network that allows families to mutually support one another. By providing families with information, resources and support, the program strengthens both the unit and service members. To learn more about these services, visit Warrior & Family Services.

Non-Profit Veteran Support Organizations

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, war-time veteran organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is a community-service organization which has reached nearly three million members, men and women at almost 15,000 American Legion posts worldwide. These posts are organized into 55 departments -- one for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines. The American Legion's national headquarters is in Indianapolis, with additional offices in Washington, D.C. The American Legion Department of Iowa is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.  The Department Service Office is located in the Federal Building in Des Moines, with an additional office located in the VA Medical Center in Iowa City. Visit the Iowa Legion or email:

County Veteran Director

County service offices assist veterans with compensation/pensions, medical care, military records, grave markers and veteran home loans. Some counties may also have dedicated funds to assist with temporary shelter/utilities, food/health supplies, medical/dental, job placement, counseling and transportation. To learn more, visit the County Veterans Office. The Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs, with the support of citizens, recognizes and honors Iowa’s veterans and their families by providing the highest quality programs, services and benefits. Each of Iowa’s 99 counties has a Commissioner of Veterans Affairs and a county director. Veterans may wish to utilize the county office as the first point of contact.   

An Introduction to CHAMPs

Iowa's Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPs) offer higher education incentives to qualified veterans, their spouses and dependents. Benefits include in-state tuition rates, on-campus support, credit for military courses and special financial considerations. 

There are currently no CHAMPs partners located in this county. Please check surrounding communities for CHAMPs offering online programs.

Northwest Iowa Community College

Northwest Iowa Community College is a community college in Sheldon, Iowa. The college is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Northwest Iowa Community College offers both vocational technical programs and arts and sciences transfer courses - 43 programs in all.

  • Welcome Basket:
    • Each veteran that visits Sioux County will receive a welcome basket from the respective community that they visit.
  • Community Tour:
  • Hotel Incentive: The following hotel incentives will be made available for each veteran visiting the respective Sioux County Community. Please contact the respective Community Chamber of Commerce to arrange for lodging and taking advantage of the incentive.
  • Housing Incentive:
    • Rock Valley: $5,000 interest free loan for new home construction. $3,000 grant for new home construction.
    • Sioux Center: $2,000 rebate for homes purchased in the County View Development.
    • Orange City Iowa: 2-year tax abatement for new construction.